Injection Mould Tool Machining

Project Objectives

With specialist knowledge in 5 axis precision machining the JRM team were asked to produce an injection mould tool that would deliver a high volume of plastic/rubberised products. The client required at least 5,000 units to be produced from this single tool, therefore, accuracy and attention to detail were paramount.


JRM Actions

Upon receiving the CAD data, JRM worked on converting the information into manageable file sizes, by creating a dedicated machining program for each key area of the tool. JRM produced a test piece (a part of the mould tool) for review and assessment by the customer. On confirmation, JRM machined the two halves of the tool utilising a range of micro cutters from 1.5mm to 0.2mm in diameter. This tool required various complex shapes and surfaces to be produced.


Results & Benefits

The final mould tool exceeded expectations on quality and the client confirmed that this was the most complex tool they had commissioned. The unique approach to machine programming and use of extra fine tool heads allowed the intricate detail of the logo to be represented accurately, vital to creating a high quality end product. Close working with the client, including manufacturing a test piece early in the process, ensured effective and efficient project delivery.