Concept Engineering.

Innovation supports innovation. Having the right people, together in one place, means JRM is perfectly positioned to support change. Whether it’s a single component, a process or a complete system, we can deliver effective concept engineering, quickly. Not only can we work on multiple concepts simultaneously, we can apply systematic scoring methods to identify the strongest without delay.

Working closely with our clients is essential in creating efficient solutions. Once the desired functional performance has been agreed, more often than not, we’ll generate a Targets and Requirements document. This allows for potential concepts to be effectively evaluated and assessed, with virtual and physical testing taking place as required.

The combination of engineering design and manufacture under one roof delivers incredible benefits to you. Ideas can be discussed, evaluated and strengthened between our teams early on in the process. This avoids issues further down the line, where the practicalities of production can otherwise cause disruption. Interdepartmental thinking can also lead to innovative ideas, as teams share skills and experiences, news and successes across industry sectors.

JRM has everything in place to support your project development. As well as the technology and software to support rapid prototyping, we can also assess fabrication methods against costs and run rates.

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