JRM Driver Simulator

Full Motion Driver Simulator


The JRM Driver Simulator is located at our HQ in Daventry and is a high performance driver training facility. Our set up is intended for driver development to enhance skills and features a dedicated control room, driver briefing room and convenient breakout areas.

With a fully caged GT3 chassis and high spec pedal box, once seated you will be greeted by the MoTeC dash display and feel the direct drive steering motor capable of replicating real steering torque.

Offering a true undistorted 180 o field of vision, the electrically actuated motion base provides 6-DOF (Degrees of Freedom) and real time computer control.


Make instant, risk-free changes to car setup.


Modify and test changes to vehicles while keeping all other factors the same.


Improve communication between team members.


Maximise time-on-track without having to wait for other drivers.


Feel the track to learn it before driving the real thing.

A typical session with our simulator engineer includes:

an introduction to the simulator

full safety briefing

practice/warm up laps

full circuit laps


We have a choice of car models and circuits (UK and International).

For more information prior to booking call 01327 307150.