Performance Optimisation

People perfect performance.

Our team is vastly experienced in improving system performance. Having engineering design and manufacturing teams on a single site enables collaboration and maximises efficiency. We have the ability to design and manufacture physical components and systems, as well as to create models for virtual systems.

The first step is to clearly define performance metrics and agree targets with the client. Baseline testing then ensures a thorough understanding of fundamental system characteristics and performance.

For virtual systems, our team creates a system model to represent functional performance. We then work to determine the parameters that influence objective performance and tune them accordingly to achieve the agreed targets. Virtual systems can also be created to inform physical systems. This can give us a greater understanding prior to physical development, increasing efficiency and minimising risk.

For complex physical systems, our team may advise an initial learning and experimentation phase. This ensures a better understanding of the critical properties that influence performance. With objective and subjective performance measures and targets established, a full test plan (including instrumentation requirements) is then written by our experienced team. Adjustable components can be an important part of the physical system that is developed. At JRM, we have the ability to design and manufacture components which can be modified to allow performance tuning.

Whether virtual or physical, final tests will verify that the system performance meets the targets agreed at the outset.

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