Simulation & Analysis

Experience makes data work harder.

For effective problem-solving, JRM utilises simulation models to mimic the operations of an existing or proposed system (some of which may be extremely complex). To improve efficiency, we employ this as soon as possible within the process and are able to evaluate concepts against agreed criteria.

CAD is used across all design phases, and integrated with appropriate package models as necessary. (For example, when developing kinematic systems such as vehicle suspensions.) Whilst the analysis of the data involves the application of scientific and mathematical principles and processes, the experience of our team comes into play here too.

We may use Finite Element Analysis (FEA) to better understand the properties and state of a system, device or mechanism, and to predict its behaviour in varying physical conditions. Functional analysis gives us a clear understanding of requirements and interaction of a complex system. At JRM, our experience has given us valuable insights into first principle design to ensure tools are applied effectively.

Crucially, we analyse performance as soon as possible in the process rather than waiting for a concept to be detailed. This makes our process far more efficient, as directional learning enables us to rank or even eliminate concepts more readily.

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