System Engineering

Engineering doesn’t work in isolation.

JRM is a specialist in system integration with capabilities to cover both design and production. Having a collaborative team with experience across multiple sectors and disciplines helps to create an efficient environment for developing systems. We have the workshop and facilities onsite to support test and validation as required.

We appreciate the importance of how any new systems interact with others. They don’t operate in isolation. When we create the detailed design of any concept, it’s with consideration of the system it works alongside. To ensure efficiency and quality, we iterate on successive design versions and use model-based systems. As well as speeding up the process, this ensures that the performance of our designs is optimised. It also allows us to identify where COTS parts can be used to reduce costs and increase reliability.

System content is identified as a schematic diagram and engineering BOM. Where appropriate, we will develop a CAD model of the system. If this isn’t possible, we have the capabilities to reverse engineer a benchmark or modify a base system in our workshop. If necessary, we have the in-house facilities to design, manufacture, build and measure systems up to commercial vehicle levels. This enables us to measure and tune performance, generating learning for further improvement.

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