UAV Drone Virtual Concept

Project Objectives

To produce a virtual demonstrator of a UAV for challenging environments with a range of 100km and a payload of up to 15kg.

JRM Actions

– Conducted broad and deep benchmarking, including analysis of competing craft and other innovative historical aircraft in unrelated markets.
– Used functional analysis to identify key factors of operation and prevent biased design process.
– Applied 1D analysis to quantify the effect of input parameters on UAV performance
– Utilised CAD for early identification of packaging challenges.
– Invented propulsion innovation. (Currently developing patent)
– Implemented JRM’s Concept Selection Matrix system to quantify the potential of each concept.
– Conducted high-level structural analysis on chosen concept for evaluation of robustness.

Results & Benefits

Development of a virtual UAV demonstrator.
Validation of JRM’s design and development process using a novel workflow.
Creation of Drone propulsion-related Intellectual Property. (IP)