Battery Electric Sportscar

Project Objectives

Develop a credible engineering package and layout concept for a new Caterham EV.

Vehicle target simple, lightweight and fun to drive.

Elementary chassis structure used to commence the project in collaboration with the potential lightweight supplier Beyond Steel.


JRM Actions:

Concepts developed for front and rear axles with key components specified.

Axles featuring lightweight double wishbone suspension with adjustable toe and camber and caster adjustability to the front.

HV electrical and cooling architectures developed whilst respecting the desired cabin space.

Focus on HV cable routing, connector arrangements and optimised packaging of the charge controller and DC-DC converter module.

Consideration given to the surface design of major electrical components.


Results and Benefits:

Caterham provided with all JRM deliverables in good time to support public launch event of Project V at the Goodwood Festival of Speed 2023.

Key component and assembly placements successfully achieved within the confines of defined A-surface and battery package providing:

Improved vehicle dynamics compliance through placement of EPAS.
Avoidance of chassis packaging pinch points at rear of cabin area through innovative bias of key suspension components.
Aerodynamic benefit of design features applied to surfaces of major battery components.